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Interface ConfirmConnectionResponse





Optional connectionState

connectionState: ConnectionState | string

The state of the connection. The following are the possible values:

  • ordering: The initial state of a hosted connection provisioned on an interconnect. The connection stays in the ordering state until the owner of the hosted connection confirms or declines the connection order.

  • requested: The initial state of a standard connection. The connection stays in the requested state until the Letter of Authorization (LOA) is sent to the customer.

  • pending: The connection has been approved and is being initialized.

  • available: The network link is up and the connection is ready for use.

  • down: The network link is down.

  • deleting: The connection is being deleted.

  • deleted: The connection has been deleted.

  • rejected: A hosted connection in the ordering state enters the rejected state if it is deleted by the customer.

  • unknown: The state of the connection is not available.