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Interface CreateLagCommandInputProtected

The input for CreateLagCommand.



childConnectionTags?: Tag[]

The tags to associate with the automtically created LAGs.

connectionId?: string

The ID of an existing dedicated connection to migrate to the LAG.

connectionsBandwidth: undefined | string

The bandwidth of the individual physical dedicated connections bundled by the LAG. The possible values are 1Gbps and 10Gbps.

lagName: undefined | string

The name of the LAG.

location: undefined | string

The location for the LAG.

numberOfConnections: undefined | number

The number of physical dedicated connections initially provisioned and bundled by the LAG.

providerName?: string

The name of the service provider associated with the LAG.

requestMACSec?: boolean

Indicates whether the connection will support MAC Security (MACsec).

All connections in the LAG must be capable of supporting MAC Security (MACsec). For information about MAC Security (MACsec) prerequisties, see MACsec prerequisties in the Direct Connect User Guide.

tags?: Tag[]

The tags to associate with the LAG.