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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

Information about an interconnect.



awsDevice?: string


The Direct Connect endpoint on which the physical connection terminates.

awsDeviceV2?: string

The Direct Connect endpoint that terminates the physical connection.

awsLogicalDeviceId?: string

The Direct Connect endpoint that terminates the logical connection. This device might be different than the device that terminates the physical connection.

bandwidth?: string

The bandwidth of the connection.

hasLogicalRedundancy?: string

Indicates whether the interconnect supports a secondary BGP in the same address family (IPv4/IPv6).

interconnectId?: string

The ID of the interconnect.

interconnectName?: string

The name of the interconnect.

interconnectState?: string

The state of the interconnect. The following are the possible values:

  • requested: The initial state of an interconnect. The interconnect stays in the requested state until the Letter of Authorization (LOA) is sent to the customer.

  • pending: The interconnect is approved, and is being initialized.

  • available: The network link is up, and the interconnect is ready for use.

  • down: The network link is down.

  • deleting: The interconnect is being deleted.

  • deleted: The interconnect is deleted.

  • unknown: The state of the interconnect is not available.

jumboFrameCapable?: boolean

Indicates whether jumbo frames (9001 MTU) are supported.

lagId?: string

The ID of the LAG.

loaIssueTime?: Date

The time of the most recent call to DescribeLoa for this connection.

location?: string

The location of the connection.

providerName?: string

The name of the service provider associated with the interconnect.

region?: string

The Amazon Web Services Region where the connection is located.

tags?: Tag[]

The tags associated with the interconnect.