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Interface NewPublicVirtualInterfaceAllocation

Information about a public virtual interface to be provisioned on a connection.


  • NewPublicVirtualInterfaceAllocation



Optional addressFamily

addressFamily: AddressFamily | string

The address family for the BGP peer.

Optional amazonAddress

amazonAddress: undefined | string

The IP address assigned to the Amazon interface.


asn: number | undefined

The autonomous system (AS) number for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) configuration.

The valid values are 1-2147483647.

Optional authKey

authKey: undefined | string

The authentication key for BGP configuration. This string has a minimum length of 6 characters and and a maximun lenth of 80 characters.

Optional customerAddress

customerAddress: undefined | string

The IP address assigned to the customer interface.

Optional routeFilterPrefixes

routeFilterPrefixes: RouteFilterPrefix[]

The routes to be advertised to the Amazon Web Services network in this Region. Applies to public virtual interfaces.

Optional tags

tags: Tag[]

The tags associated with the public virtual interface.


virtualInterfaceName: string | undefined

The name of the virtual interface assigned by the customer network. The name has a maximum of 100 characters. The following are valid characters: a-z, 0-9 and a hyphen (-).


vlan: number | undefined

The ID of the VLAN.