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Interface BillingModeSummary

Contains the details for the read/write capacity mode. This page talks about PROVISIONED and PAY_PER_REQUEST billing modes. For more information about these modes, see Read/write capacity mode.

You may need to switch to on-demand mode at least once in order to return a BillingModeSummary response.


  • BillingModeSummary



Optional BillingMode

BillingMode: BillingMode | string

Controls how you are charged for read and write throughput and how you manage capacity. This setting can be changed later.

  • PROVISIONED - Sets the read/write capacity mode to PROVISIONED. We recommend using PROVISIONED for predictable workloads.

  • PAY_PER_REQUEST - Sets the read/write capacity mode to PAY_PER_REQUEST. We recommend using PAY_PER_REQUEST for unpredictable workloads.

Optional LastUpdateToPayPerRequestDateTime

LastUpdateToPayPerRequestDateTime: Date

Represents the time when PAY_PER_REQUEST was last set as the read/write capacity mode.