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Interface SSEDescription

The description of the server-side encryption status on the specified table.


  • SSEDescription



Optional InaccessibleEncryptionDateTime

InaccessibleEncryptionDateTime: Date

Indicates the time, in UNIX epoch date format, when DynamoDB detected that the table's KMS key was inaccessible. This attribute will automatically be cleared when DynamoDB detects that the table's KMS key is accessible again. DynamoDB will initiate the table archival process when table's KMS key remains inaccessible for more than seven days from this date.

Optional KMSMasterKeyArn

KMSMasterKeyArn: undefined | string

The KMS key ARN used for the KMS encryption.

Optional SSEType

SSEType: SSEType | string

Server-side encryption type. The only supported value is:

  • KMS - Server-side encryption that uses Key Management Service. The key is stored in your account and is managed by KMS (KMS charges apply).

Optional Status

Status: SSEStatus | string

Represents the current state of server-side encryption. The only supported values are:

  • ENABLED - Server-side encryption is enabled.

  • UPDATING - Server-side encryption is being updated.