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Interface TransactGetItemsCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional ConsumedCapacity

ConsumedCapacity: ConsumedCapacity[]

If the ReturnConsumedCapacity value was TOTAL, this is an array of ConsumedCapacity objects, one for each table addressed by TransactGetItem objects in the TransactItems parameter. These ConsumedCapacity objects report the read-capacity units consumed by the TransactGetItems call in that table.

Optional Responses

Responses: ItemResponse[]

An ordered array of up to 100 ItemResponse objects, each of which corresponds to the TransactGetItem object in the same position in the TransactItems array. Each ItemResponse object contains a Map of the name-value pairs that are the projected attributes of the requested item.

If a requested item could not be retrieved, the corresponding ItemResponse object is Null, or if the requested item has no projected attributes, the corresponding ItemResponse object is an empty Map.