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Interface GetCapacityReservationUsageRequest





CapacityReservationId: string | undefined

The ID of the Capacity Reservation.

Optional DryRun

DryRun: undefined | false | true

Checks whether you have the required permissions for the action, without actually making the request, and provides an error response. If you have the required permissions, the error response is DryRunOperation. Otherwise, it is UnauthorizedOperation.

Optional MaxResults

MaxResults: undefined | number

The maximum number of results to return for the request in a single page. The remaining results can be seen by sending another request with the returned nextToken value. This value can be between 5 and 500. If maxResults is given a larger value than 500, you receive an error.

Valid range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 1000.

Optional NextToken

NextToken: undefined | string

The token to use to retrieve the next page of results.