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Interface Purchase

Describes the result of the purchase.


  • Purchase



Optional CurrencyCode

CurrencyCode: CurrencyCodeValues | string

The currency in which the UpfrontPrice and HourlyPrice amounts are specified. At this time, the only supported currency is USD.

Optional Duration

Duration: undefined | number

The duration of the reservation's term in seconds.

Optional HostIdSet

HostIdSet: string[]

The IDs of the Dedicated Hosts associated with the reservation.

Optional HostReservationId

HostReservationId: undefined | string

The ID of the reservation.

Optional HourlyPrice

HourlyPrice: undefined | string

The hourly price of the reservation per hour.

Optional InstanceFamily

InstanceFamily: undefined | string

The instance family on the Dedicated Host that the reservation can be associated with.

Optional PaymentOption

PaymentOption: PaymentOption | string

The payment option for the reservation.

Optional UpfrontPrice

UpfrontPrice: undefined | string

The upfront price of the reservation.