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Interface ReservedInstancesOffering

Describes a Reserved Instance offering.


  • ReservedInstancesOffering



Optional AvailabilityZone

AvailabilityZone: undefined | string

The Availability Zone in which the Reserved Instance can be used.

Optional CurrencyCode

CurrencyCode: CurrencyCodeValues | string

The currency of the Reserved Instance offering you are purchasing. It's specified using ISO 4217 standard currency codes. At this time, the only supported currency is USD.

Optional Duration

Duration: undefined | number

The duration of the Reserved Instance, in seconds.

Optional FixedPrice

FixedPrice: undefined | number

The purchase price of the Reserved Instance.

Optional InstanceTenancy

InstanceTenancy: Tenancy | string

The tenancy of the instance.

Optional InstanceType

InstanceType: _InstanceType | string

The instance type on which the Reserved Instance can be used.

Optional Marketplace

Marketplace: undefined | false | true

Indicates whether the offering is available through the Reserved Instance Marketplace (resale) or Amazon Web Services. If it's a Reserved Instance Marketplace offering, this is true.

Optional OfferingClass

OfferingClass: OfferingClassType | string

If convertible it can be exchanged for Reserved Instances of the same or higher monetary value, with different configurations. If standard, it is not possible to perform an exchange.

Optional OfferingType

OfferingType: OfferingTypeValues | string

The Reserved Instance offering type.

Optional PricingDetails

PricingDetails: PricingDetail[]

The pricing details of the Reserved Instance offering.

Optional ProductDescription

ProductDescription: RIProductDescription | string

The Reserved Instance product platform description.

Optional RecurringCharges

RecurringCharges: RecurringCharge[]

The recurring charge tag assigned to the resource.

Optional ReservedInstancesOfferingId

ReservedInstancesOfferingId: undefined | string

The ID of the Reserved Instance offering. This is the offering ID used in GetReservedInstancesExchangeQuote to confirm that an exchange can be made.

Optional Scope

Scope: Scope | string

Whether the Reserved Instance is applied to instances in a Region or an Availability Zone.

Optional UsagePrice

UsagePrice: undefined | number

The usage price of the Reserved Instance, per hour.