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Interface CreateRepositoryRequest



encryptionConfiguration?: EncryptionConfiguration

The encryption configuration for the repository. This determines how the contents of your repository are encrypted at rest.

imageScanningConfiguration?: ImageScanningConfiguration

The image scanning configuration for the repository. This determines whether images are scanned for known vulnerabilities after being pushed to the repository.

imageTagMutability?: string

The tag mutability setting for the repository. If this parameter is omitted, the default setting of MUTABLE will be used which will allow image tags to be overwritten. If IMMUTABLE is specified, all image tags within the repository will be immutable which will prevent them from being overwritten.

registryId?: string

The Amazon Web Services account ID associated with the registry to create the repository. If you do not specify a registry, the default registry is assumed.

repositoryName: undefined | string

The name to use for the repository. The repository name may be specified on its own (such as nginx-web-app) or it can be prepended with a namespace to group the repository into a category (such as project-a/nginx-web-app).

tags?: Tag[]

The metadata that you apply to the repository to help you categorize and organize them. Each tag consists of a key and an optional value, both of which you define. Tag keys can have a maximum character length of 128 characters, and tag values can have a maximum length of 256 characters.