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Interface EnhancedImageScanFinding

The details of an enhanced image scan. This is returned when enhanced scanning is enabled for your private registry.


  • EnhancedImageScanFinding


awsAccountId?: string

The Amazon Web Services account ID associated with the image.

description?: string

The description of the finding.

findingArn?: string

The Amazon Resource Number (ARN) of the finding.

firstObservedAt?: Date

The date and time that the finding was first observed.

lastObservedAt?: Date

The date and time that the finding was last observed.

packageVulnerabilityDetails?: PackageVulnerabilityDetails

An object that contains the details of a package vulnerability finding.

remediation?: Remediation

An object that contains the details about how to remediate a finding.

resources?: Resource[]

Contains information on the resources involved in a finding.

score?: number

The Amazon Inspector score given to the finding.

scoreDetails?: ScoreDetails

An object that contains details of the Amazon Inspector score.

severity?: string

The severity of the finding.

status?: string

The status of the finding.

title?: string

The title of the finding.

type?: string

The type of the finding.

updatedAt?: Date

The date and time the finding was last updated at.