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Interface CreateAccessPointRequest




Optional ClientToken

ClientToken: undefined | string

A string of up to 64 ASCII characters that Amazon EFS uses to ensure idempotent creation.


FileSystemId: string | undefined

The ID of the EFS file system that the access point provides access to.

Optional PosixUser

PosixUser: PosixUser

The operating system user and group applied to all file system requests made using the access point.

Optional RootDirectory

RootDirectory: RootDirectory

Specifies the directory on the Amazon EFS file system that the access point exposes as the root directory of your file system to NFS clients using the access point. The clients using the access point can only access the root directory and below. If the RootDirectory > Path specified does not exist, EFS creates it and applies the CreationInfo settings when a client connects to an access point. When specifying a RootDirectory, you must provide the Path, and the CreationInfo.

Amazon EFS creates a root directory only if you have provided the CreationInfo: OwnUid, OwnGID, and permissions for the directory. If you do not provide this information, Amazon EFS does not create the root directory. If the root directory does not exist, attempts to mount using the access point will fail.

Optional Tags

Tags: Tag[]

Creates tags associated with the access point. Each tag is a key-value pair, each key must be unique. For more information, see Tagging Amazon Web Services resources in the Amazon Web Services General Reference Guide.