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Interface MountTargetDescription

Provides a description of a mount target.




Optional AvailabilityZoneId

AvailabilityZoneId: undefined | string

The unique and consistent identifier of the Availability Zone that the mount target resides in. For example, use1-az1 is an AZ ID for the us-east-1 Region and it has the same location in every Amazon Web Services account.

Optional AvailabilityZoneName

AvailabilityZoneName: undefined | string

The name of the Availability Zone in which the mount target is located. Availability Zones are independently mapped to names for each Amazon Web Services account. For example, the Availability Zone us-east-1a for your Amazon Web Services account might not be the same location as us-east-1a for another Amazon Web Services account.


FileSystemId: string | undefined

The ID of the file system for which the mount target is intended.

Optional IpAddress

IpAddress: undefined | string

Address at which the file system can be mounted by using the mount target.


LifeCycleState: LifeCycleState | string | undefined

Lifecycle state of the mount target.


MountTargetId: string | undefined

System-assigned mount target ID.

Optional NetworkInterfaceId

NetworkInterfaceId: undefined | string

The ID of the network interface that Amazon EFS created when it created the mount target.

Optional OwnerId

OwnerId: undefined | string

Amazon Web Services account ID that owns the resource.


SubnetId: string | undefined

The ID of the mount target's subnet.

Optional VpcId

VpcId: undefined | string

The virtual private cloud (VPC) ID that the mount target is configured in.