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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface UpdateFileSystemCommandOutputProtected

The output of UpdateFileSystemCommand.



AvailabilityZoneId?: string

The unique and consistent identifier of the Availability Zone in which the file system's One Zone storage classes exist. For example, use1-az1 is an Availability Zone ID for the us-east-1 Amazon Web Services Region, and it has the same location in every Amazon Web Services account.

AvailabilityZoneName?: string

Describes the Amazon Web Services Availability Zone in which the file system is located, and is valid only for file systems using One Zone storage classes. For more information, see Using EFS storage classes in the Amazon EFS User Guide.

CreationTime: undefined | Date

The time that the file system was created, in seconds (since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z).

CreationToken: undefined | string

The opaque string specified in the request.

Encrypted?: boolean

A Boolean value that, if true, indicates that the file system is encrypted.

FileSystemArn?: string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the EFS file system, in the format arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:region:account-id:file-system/file-system-id . Example with sample data: arn:aws:elasticfilesystem:us-west-2:1111333322228888:file-system/fs-01234567

FileSystemId: undefined | string

The ID of the file system, assigned by Amazon EFS.

KmsKeyId?: string

The ID of an KMS key used to protect the encrypted file system.

LifeCycleState: undefined | string

The lifecycle phase of the file system.

Name?: string

You can add tags to a file system, including a Name tag. For more information, see CreateFileSystem. If the file system has a Name tag, Amazon EFS returns the value in this field.

NumberOfMountTargets: undefined | number

The current number of mount targets that the file system has. For more information, see CreateMountTarget.

OwnerId: undefined | string

The Amazon Web Services account that created the file system.

PerformanceMode: undefined | string

The performance mode of the file system.

ProvisionedThroughputInMibps?: number

The amount of provisioned throughput, measured in MiBps, for the file system. Valid for file systems using ThroughputMode set to provisioned.

SizeInBytes: undefined | FileSystemSize

The latest known metered size (in bytes) of data stored in the file system, in its Value field, and the time at which that size was determined in its Timestamp field. The Timestamp value is the integer number of seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z. The SizeInBytes value doesn't represent the size of a consistent snapshot of the file system, but it is eventually consistent when there are no writes to the file system. That is, SizeInBytes represents actual size only if the file system is not modified for a period longer than a couple of hours. Otherwise, the value is not the exact size that the file system was at any point in time.

Tags: undefined | Tag[]

The tags associated with the file system, presented as an array of Tag objects.

ThroughputMode?: string

Displays the file system's throughput mode. For more information, see Throughput modes in the Amazon EFS User Guide.