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Interface ListIdentityProviderConfigsCommandInput





clusterName: string | undefined

The cluster name that you want to list identity provider configurations for.

Optional maxResults

maxResults: undefined | number

The maximum number of identity provider configurations returned by ListIdentityProviderConfigs in paginated output. When you use this parameter, ListIdentityProviderConfigs returns only maxResults results in a single page along with a nextToken response element. You can see the remaining results of the initial request by sending another ListIdentityProviderConfigs request with the returned nextToken value. This value can be between 1 and 100. If you don't use this parameter, ListIdentityProviderConfigs returns up to 100 results and a nextToken value, if applicable.

Optional nextToken

nextToken: undefined | string

The nextToken value returned from a previous paginated IdentityProviderConfigsRequest where maxResults was used and the results exceeded the value of that parameter. Pagination continues from the end of the previous results that returned the nextToken value.