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Interface DeleteUserGroupCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional ARN

ARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the user group.

Optional Engine

Engine: undefined | string

The current supported value is Redis.

Optional MinimumEngineVersion

MinimumEngineVersion: undefined | string

The minimum engine version required, which is Redis 6.0

Optional PendingChanges

PendingChanges: UserGroupPendingChanges

A list of updates being applied to the user group.

Optional ReplicationGroups

ReplicationGroups: string[]

A list of replication groups that the user group can access.

Optional Status

Status: undefined | string

Indicates user group status. Can be "creating", "active", "modifying", "deleting".

Optional UserGroupId

UserGroupId: undefined | string

The ID of the user group.

Optional UserIds

UserIds: string[]

The list of user IDs that belong to the user group.