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Interface NodeGroupConfiguration

Node group (shard) configuration options. Each node group (shard) configuration has the following: Slots, PrimaryAvailabilityZone, ReplicaAvailabilityZones, ReplicaCount.


  • NodeGroupConfiguration



Optional NodeGroupId

NodeGroupId: undefined | string

Either the ElastiCache for Redis supplied 4-digit id or a user supplied id for the node group these configuration values apply to.

Optional PrimaryAvailabilityZone

PrimaryAvailabilityZone: undefined | string

The Availability Zone where the primary node of this node group (shard) is launched.

Optional PrimaryOutpostArn

PrimaryOutpostArn: undefined | string

The outpost ARN of the primary node.

Optional ReplicaAvailabilityZones

ReplicaAvailabilityZones: string[]

A list of Availability Zones to be used for the read replicas. The number of Availability Zones in this list must match the value of ReplicaCount or ReplicasPerNodeGroup if not specified.

Optional ReplicaCount

ReplicaCount: undefined | number

The number of read replica nodes in this node group (shard).

Optional ReplicaOutpostArns

ReplicaOutpostArns: string[]

The outpost ARN of the node replicas.

Optional Slots

Slots: undefined | string

A string that specifies the keyspace for a particular node group. Keyspaces range from 0 to 16,383. The string is in the format startkey-endkey.

Example: "0-3999"