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Interface NodeGroupMember

Represents a single node within a node group (shard).


  • NodeGroupMember



Optional CacheClusterId

CacheClusterId: undefined | string

The ID of the cluster to which the node belongs.

Optional CacheNodeId

CacheNodeId: undefined | string

The ID of the node within its cluster. A node ID is a numeric identifier (0001, 0002, etc.).

Optional CurrentRole

CurrentRole: undefined | string

The role that is currently assigned to the node - primary or replica. This member is only applicable for Redis (cluster mode disabled) replication groups.

Optional PreferredAvailabilityZone

PreferredAvailabilityZone: undefined | string

The name of the Availability Zone in which the node is located.

Optional PreferredOutpostArn

PreferredOutpostArn: undefined | string

The outpost ARN of the node group member.

Optional ReadEndpoint

ReadEndpoint: Endpoint

The information required for client programs to connect to a node for read operations. The read endpoint is only applicable on Redis (cluster mode disabled) clusters.