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Interface NodeGroupMemberUpdateStatus

The status of the service update on the node group member


  • NodeGroupMemberUpdateStatus



Optional CacheClusterId

CacheClusterId: undefined | string

The cache cluster ID

Optional CacheNodeId

CacheNodeId: undefined | string

The node ID of the cache cluster

Optional NodeDeletionDate

NodeDeletionDate: Date

The deletion date of the node

Optional NodeUpdateEndDate

NodeUpdateEndDate: Date

The end date of the update for a node

Optional NodeUpdateInitiatedBy

NodeUpdateInitiatedBy: NodeUpdateInitiatedBy | string

Reflects whether the update was initiated by the customer or automatically applied

Optional NodeUpdateInitiatedDate

NodeUpdateInitiatedDate: Date

The date when the update is triggered

Optional NodeUpdateStartDate

NodeUpdateStartDate: Date

The start date of the update for a node

Optional NodeUpdateStatus

NodeUpdateStatus: NodeUpdateStatus | string

The update status of the node

Optional NodeUpdateStatusModifiedDate

NodeUpdateStatusModifiedDate: Date

The date when the NodeUpdateStatus was last modified