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Interface ReservedElasticsearchInstanceOffering

Details of a reserved Elasticsearch instance offering.


  • ReservedElasticsearchInstanceOffering



Optional CurrencyCode

CurrencyCode: undefined | string

The currency code for the reserved Elasticsearch instance offering.

Optional Duration

Duration: undefined | number

The duration, in seconds, for which the offering will reserve the Elasticsearch instance.

Optional ElasticsearchInstanceType

ElasticsearchInstanceType: ESPartitionInstanceType | string

The Elasticsearch instance type offered by the reserved instance offering.

Optional FixedPrice

FixedPrice: undefined | number

The upfront fixed charge you will pay to purchase the specific reserved Elasticsearch instance offering.

Optional PaymentOption

Payment option for the reserved Elasticsearch instance offering

Optional RecurringCharges

RecurringCharges: RecurringCharge[]

The charge to your account regardless of whether you are creating any domains using the instance offering.

Optional ReservedElasticsearchInstanceOfferingId

ReservedElasticsearchInstanceOfferingId: undefined | string

The Elasticsearch reserved instance offering identifier.

Optional UsagePrice

UsagePrice: undefined | number

The rate you are charged for each hour the domain that is using the offering is running.