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Interface UpdateElasticsearchDomainConfigRequest

Container for the parameters to the UpdateElasticsearchDomain operation. Specifies the type and number of instances in the domain cluster.




Optional AccessPolicies

AccessPolicies: undefined | string

IAM access policy as a JSON-formatted string.

Optional AdvancedOptions

AdvancedOptions: Record<string, string>

Modifies the advanced option to allow references to indices in an HTTP request body. Must be false when configuring access to individual sub-resources. By default, the value is true. See Configuration Advanced Options for more information.

Optional AdvancedSecurityOptions

AdvancedSecurityOptions: AdvancedSecurityOptionsInput

Specifies advanced security options.

Optional AutoTuneOptions

AutoTuneOptions: AutoTuneOptions

Specifies Auto-Tune options.

Optional CognitoOptions

CognitoOptions: CognitoOptions

Options to specify the Cognito user and identity pools for Kibana authentication. For more information, see Amazon Cognito Authentication for Kibana.

Optional DomainEndpointOptions

DomainEndpointOptions: DomainEndpointOptions

Options to specify configuration that will be applied to the domain endpoint.


DomainName: string | undefined

The name of the Elasticsearch domain that you are updating.

Optional DryRun

DryRun: undefined | false | true

This flag, when set to True, specifies whether the UpdateElasticsearchDomain request should return the results of validation checks without actually applying the change. This flag, when set to True, specifies the deployment mechanism through which the update shall be applied on the domain. This will not actually perform the Update.

Optional EBSOptions

EBSOptions: EBSOptions

Specify the type and size of the EBS volume that you want to use.

Optional ElasticsearchClusterConfig

ElasticsearchClusterConfig: ElasticsearchClusterConfig

The type and number of instances to instantiate for the domain cluster.

Optional EncryptionAtRestOptions

EncryptionAtRestOptions: EncryptionAtRestOptions

Specifies the Encryption At Rest Options.

Optional LogPublishingOptions

LogPublishingOptions: Record<string, LogPublishingOption>

Map of LogType and LogPublishingOption, each containing options to publish a given type of Elasticsearch log.

Optional NodeToNodeEncryptionOptions

NodeToNodeEncryptionOptions: NodeToNodeEncryptionOptions

Specifies the NodeToNodeEncryptionOptions.

Optional SnapshotOptions

SnapshotOptions: SnapshotOptions

Option to set the time, in UTC format, for the daily automated snapshot. Default value is 0 hours.

Optional VPCOptions

VPCOptions: VPCOptions

Options to specify the subnets and security groups for VPC endpoint. For more information, see Creating a VPC in VPC Endpoints for Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domains