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Interface Endpoint

This entity represents the endpoint that is managed by Amazon EMR on EKS.




Optional arn

arn: undefined | string

The ARN of the endpoint.

Optional certificateArn

certificateArn: undefined | string

The certificate ARN of the endpoint. This field is under deprecation and will be removed in future.

Optional certificateAuthority

certificateAuthority: Certificate

The certificate generated by emr control plane on customer behalf to secure the managed endpoint.

Optional configurationOverrides

configurationOverrides: ConfigurationOverrides

The configuration settings that are used to override existing configurations for endpoints.

Optional createdAt

createdAt: Date

The date and time when the endpoint was created.

Optional executionRoleArn

executionRoleArn: undefined | string

The execution role ARN of the endpoint.

Optional failureReason

failureReason: FailureReason | string

The reasons why the endpoint has failed.


hostname: string

Optional id

id: undefined | string

The ID of the endpoint.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of the endpoint.


path: string

Optional port

port: undefined | number


protocol: string

Optional query

Optional releaseLabel

releaseLabel: undefined | string

The EMR release version to be used for the endpoint.

Optional securityGroup

securityGroup: undefined | string

The security group configuration of the endpoint.

Optional serverUrl

serverUrl: undefined | string

The server URL of the endpoint.

Optional state

state: EndpointState | string

The state of the endpoint.

Optional stateDetails

stateDetails: undefined | string

Additional details of the endpoint state.

Optional subnetIds

subnetIds: string[]

The subnet IDs of the endpoint.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

The tags of the endpoint.

Optional type

type: undefined | string

The type of the endpoint.

Optional virtualClusterId

virtualClusterId: undefined | string

The ID of the endpoint's virtual cluster.