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Interface JobTemplate

This entity describes a job template. Job template stores values of StartJobRun API request in a template and can be used to start a job run. Job template allows two use cases: avoid repeating recurring StartJobRun API request values, enforcing certain values in StartJobRun API request.


  • JobTemplate



Optional arn

arn: undefined | string

The ARN of the job template.

Optional createdAt

createdAt: Date

The date and time when the job template was created.

Optional createdBy

createdBy: undefined | string

The user who created the job template.

Optional decryptionError

decryptionError: undefined | string

The error message in case the decryption of job template fails.

Optional id

id: undefined | string

The ID of the job template.


jobTemplateData: JobTemplateData | undefined

The job template data which holds values of StartJobRun API request.

Optional kmsKeyArn

kmsKeyArn: undefined | string

The KMS key ARN used to encrypt the job template.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name of the job template.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

The tags assigned to the job template.