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Interface BlockPublicAccessConfiguration

A configuration for Amazon EMR block public access. When BlockPublicSecurityGroupRules is set to true, Amazon EMR prevents cluster creation if one of the cluster's security groups has a rule that allows inbound traffic from or ::/0 on a port, unless the port is specified as an exception using PermittedPublicSecurityGroupRuleRanges.


  • BlockPublicAccessConfiguration




BlockPublicSecurityGroupRules: boolean | undefined

Indicates whether Amazon EMR block public access is enabled (true) or disabled (false). By default, the value is false for accounts that have created EMR clusters before July 2019. For accounts created after this, the default is true.

Optional Classification

Classification: undefined | string

The classification within a configuration.

Optional Configurations

Configurations: Configuration[]

A list of additional configurations to apply within a configuration object.

Optional PermittedPublicSecurityGroupRuleRanges

PermittedPublicSecurityGroupRuleRanges: PortRange[]

Specifies ports and port ranges that are permitted to have security group rules that allow inbound traffic from all public sources. For example, if Port 23 (Telnet) is specified for PermittedPublicSecurityGroupRuleRanges, Amazon EMR allows cluster creation if a security group associated with the cluster has a rule that allows inbound traffic on Port 23 from IPv4 or IPv6 port ::/0 as the source.

By default, Port 22, which is used for SSH access to the cluster EC2 instances, is in the list of PermittedPublicSecurityGroupRuleRanges.

Optional Properties

Properties: Record<string, string>

A set of properties specified within a configuration classification.