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Interface StepConfig

Specification for a cluster (job flow) step.


  • StepConfig



Optional ActionOnFailure

ActionOnFailure: ActionOnFailure | string

The action to take when the step fails. Use one of the following values:

  • TERMINATE_CLUSTER - Shuts down the cluster.

  • CANCEL_AND_WAIT - Cancels any pending steps and returns the cluster to the WAITING state.

  • CONTINUE - Continues to the next step in the queue.

  • TERMINATE_JOB_FLOW - Shuts down the cluster. TERMINATE_JOB_FLOW is provided for backward compatibility. We recommend using TERMINATE_CLUSTER instead.

If a cluster's StepConcurrencyLevel is greater than 1, do not use AddJobFlowSteps to submit a step with this parameter set to CANCEL_AND_WAIT or TERMINATE_CLUSTER. The step is not submitted and the action fails with a message that the ActionOnFailure setting is not valid.

If you change a cluster's StepConcurrencyLevel to be greater than 1 while a step is running, the ActionOnFailure parameter may not behave as you expect. In this case, for a step that fails with this parameter set to CANCEL_AND_WAIT, pending steps and the running step are not canceled; for a step that fails with this parameter set to TERMINATE_CLUSTER, the cluster does not terminate.


HadoopJarStep: HadoopJarStepConfig | undefined

The JAR file used for the step.


Name: string | undefined

The name of the step.