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Interface CreateFeatureRequest




Optional defaultVariation

defaultVariation: undefined | string

The name of the variation to use as the default variation. The default variation is served to users who are not allocated to any ongoing launches or experiments of this feature.

This variation must also be listed in the variations structure.

If you omit defaultVariation, the first variation listed in the variations structure is used as the default variation.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

An optional description of the feature.

Optional entityOverrides

entityOverrides: Record<string, string>

Specify users that should always be served a specific variation of a feature. Each user is specified by a key-value pair . For each key, specify a user by entering their user ID, account ID, or some other identifier. For the value, specify the name of the variation that they are to be served.

Optional evaluationStrategy

evaluationStrategy: FeatureEvaluationStrategy | string

Specify ALL_RULES to activate the traffic allocation specified by any ongoing launches or experiments. Specify DEFAULT_VARIATION to serve the default variation to all users instead.


name: string | undefined

The name for the new feature.


project: string | undefined

The name or ARN of the project that is to contain the new feature.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

Assigns one or more tags (key-value pairs) to the feature.

Tags can help you organize and categorize your resources. You can also use them to scope user permissions by granting a user permission to access or change only resources with certain tag values.

Tags don't have any semantic meaning to Amazon Web Services and are interpreted strictly as strings of characters.

You can associate as many as 50 tags with a feature.

For more information, see Tagging Amazon Web Services resources.


variations: VariationConfig[] | undefined

An array of structures that contain the configuration of the feature's different variations.