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Interface Experiment

A structure containing the configuration details of an experiment.


  • Experiment




arn: string | undefined

The ARN of the experiment.


createdTime: Date | undefined

The date and time that the experiment is first created.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

A description of the experiment.

Optional execution

A structure that contains the date and time that the experiment started and ended.


lastUpdatedTime: Date | undefined

The date and time that the experiment was most recently updated.

Optional metricGoals

metricGoals: MetricGoal[]

An array of structures that defines the metrics used for the experiment, and whether a higher or lower value for each metric is the goal.


name: string | undefined

The name of the experiment.

Optional onlineAbDefinition

onlineAbDefinition: OnlineAbDefinition

A structure that contains the configuration of which variation to use as the "control" version. The "control" version is used for comparison with other variations. This structure also specifies how much experiment traffic is allocated to each variation.

Optional project

project: undefined | string

The name or ARN of the project that contains this experiment.

Optional randomizationSalt

randomizationSalt: undefined | string

This value is used when Evidently assigns a particular user session to the experiment. It helps create a randomization ID to determine which variation the user session is served. This randomization ID is a combination of the entity ID and randomizationSalt.

Optional samplingRate

samplingRate: undefined | number

In thousandths of a percent, the amount of the available audience that is allocated to this experiment. The available audience is the total audience minus the audience that you have allocated to overrides or current launches of this feature.

This is represented in thousandths of a percent, so a value of 10,000 is 10% of the available audience.

Optional schedule

A structure that contains the time and date that Evidently completed the analysis of the experiment.

Optional segment

segment: undefined | string

The audience segment being used for the experiment, if a segment is being used.


status: ExperimentStatus | string | undefined

The current state of the experiment.

Optional statusReason

statusReason: undefined | string

If the experiment was stopped, this is the string that was entered by the person who stopped the experiment, to explain why it was stopped.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

The list of tag keys and values associated with this experiment.

Optional treatments

treatments: Treatment[]

An array of structures that describe the configuration of each feature variation used in the experiment.


type: ExperimentType | string | undefined

The type of this experiment. Currently, this value must be aws.experiment.onlineab.