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Interface GetExperimentResultsRequest




Optional baseStat

baseStat: ExperimentBaseStat | string

The statistic used to calculate experiment results. Currently the only valid value is mean, which uses the mean of the collected values as the statistic.

Optional endTime

endTime: Date

The date and time that the experiment ended, if it is completed. This must be no longer than 30 days after the experiment start time.


experiment: string | undefined

The name of the experiment to retrieve the results of.


metricNames: string[] | undefined

The names of the experiment metrics that you want to see the results of.

Optional period

period: undefined | number

In seconds, the amount of time to aggregate results together.


project: string | undefined

The name or ARN of the project that contains the experiment that you want to see the results of.

Optional reportNames

reportNames: (ExperimentReportName | string)[]

The names of the report types that you want to see. Currently, BayesianInference is the only valid value.

Optional resultStats

resultStats: (ExperimentResultRequestType | string)[]

The statistics that you want to see in the returned results.

  • PValue specifies to use p-values for the results. A p-value is used in hypothesis testing to measure how often you are willing to make a mistake in rejecting the null hypothesis. A general practice is to reject the null hypothesis and declare that the results are statistically significant when the p-value is less than 0.05.

  • ConfidenceInterval specifies a confidence interval for the results. The confidence interval represents the range of values for the chosen metric that is likely to contain the true difference between the baseStat of a variation and the baseline. Evidently returns the 95% confidence interval.

  • TreatmentEffect is the difference in the statistic specified by the baseStat parameter between each variation and the default variation.

  • BaseStat returns the statistical values collected for the metric for each variation. The statistic uses the same statistic specified in the baseStat parameter. Therefore, if baseStat is mean, this returns the mean of the values collected for each variation.

Optional startTime

startTime: Date

The date and time that the experiment started.


treatmentNames: string[] | undefined

The names of the experiment treatments that you want to see the results for.