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Interface Launch

This structure contains the configuration details of one Evidently launch.


  • Launch




arn: string | undefined

The ARN of the launch.


createdTime: Date | undefined

The date and time that the launch is created.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

The description of the launch.

Optional execution

execution: LaunchExecution

A structure that contains information about the start and end times of the launch.

Optional groups

groups: LaunchGroup[]

An array of structures that define the feature variations that are being used in the launch.


lastUpdatedTime: Date | undefined

The date and time that the launch was most recently updated.

Optional metricMonitors

metricMonitors: MetricMonitor[]

An array of structures that define the metrics that are being used to monitor the launch performance.


name: string | undefined

The name of the launch.

Optional project

project: undefined | string

The name or ARN of the project that contains the launch.

Optional randomizationSalt

randomizationSalt: undefined | string

This value is used when Evidently assigns a particular user session to the launch, to help create a randomization ID to determine which variation the user session is served. This randomization ID is a combination of the entity ID and randomizationSalt.

Optional scheduledSplitsDefinition

scheduledSplitsDefinition: ScheduledSplitsLaunchDefinition

An array of structures that define the traffic allocation percentages among the feature variations during each step of the launch.


status: LaunchStatus | string | undefined

The current state of the launch.

Optional statusReason

statusReason: undefined | string

If the launch was stopped, this is the string that was entered by the person who stopped the launch, to explain why it was stopped.

Optional tags

tags: Record<string, string>

The list of tag keys and values associated with this launch.


type: LaunchType | string | undefined

The type of launch.