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Interface UpdateLaunchCommandInput




Optional description

description: undefined | string

An optional description for the launch.

Optional groups

An array of structures that contains the feature and variations that are to be used for the launch.


launch: string | undefined

The name of the launch that is to be updated.

Optional metricMonitors

metricMonitors: MetricMonitorConfig[]

An array of structures that define the metrics that will be used to monitor the launch performance.


project: string | undefined

The name or ARN of the project that contains the launch that you want to update.

Optional randomizationSalt

randomizationSalt: undefined | string

When Evidently assigns a particular user session to a launch, it must use a randomization ID to determine which variation the user session is served. This randomization ID is a combination of the entity ID and randomizationSalt. If you omit randomizationSalt, Evidently uses the launch name as the randomizationSalt.

Optional scheduledSplitsConfig

scheduledSplitsConfig: ScheduledSplitsLaunchConfig

An array of structures that define the traffic allocation percentages among the feature variations during each step of the launch.