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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface GetEventPredictionMetadataCommandOutputProtected



detectorId?: string

The detector ID.

detectorVersionId?: string

The detector version ID.

detectorVersionStatus?: string

The status of the detector version.

entityId?: string

The entity ID.

entityType?: string

The entity type.

evaluatedExternalModels?: EvaluatedExternalModel[]

External (Amazon SageMaker) models that were evaluated for generating predictions.

evaluatedModelVersions?: EvaluatedModelVersion[]

Model versions that were evaluated for generating predictions.

eventId?: string

The event ID.

eventTimestamp?: string

The timestamp for when the prediction was generated for the associated event ID.

eventTypeName?: string

The event type associated with the detector specified for this prediction.

eventVariables?: EventVariableSummary[]

A list of event variables that influenced the prediction scores.

outcomes?: string[]

The outcomes of the matched rule, based on the rule execution mode.

predictionTimestamp?: string

The timestamp that defines when the prediction was generated.

ruleExecutionMode?: string

The execution mode of the rule used for evaluating variable values.

rules?: EvaluatedRule[]

List of rules associated with the detector version that were used for evaluating variable values.