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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface UpdateDetectorVersionRequest



description?: string

The detector version description.

detectorId: undefined | string

The parent detector ID for the detector version you want to update.

detectorVersionId: undefined | string

The detector version ID.

externalModelEndpoints: undefined | string[]

The Amazon SageMaker model endpoints to include in the detector version.

modelVersions?: ModelVersion[]

The model versions to include in the detector version.

ruleExecutionMode?: RuleExecutionMode

The rule execution mode to add to the detector.

If you specify FIRST_MATCHED, Amazon Fraud Detector evaluates rules sequentially, first to last, stopping at the first matched rule. Amazon Fraud dectector then provides the outcomes for that single rule.

If you specifiy ALL_MATCHED, Amazon Fraud Detector evaluates all rules and returns the outcomes for all matched rules. You can define and edit the rule mode at the detector version level, when it is in draft status.

The default behavior is FIRST_MATCHED.

rules: undefined | Rule[]

The rules to include in the detector version.