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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CopyBackupCommandInputProtected

The input for CopyBackupCommand.



ClientRequestToken?: string

(Optional) An idempotency token for resource creation, in a string of up to 63 ASCII characters. This token is automatically filled on your behalf when you use the Command Line Interface (CLI) or an Amazon Web Services SDK.

CopyTags?: boolean

A Boolean flag indicating whether tags from the source backup should be copied to the backup copy. This value defaults to false.

If you set CopyTags to true and the source backup has existing tags, you can use the Tags parameter to create new tags, provided that the sum of the source backup tags and the new tags doesn't exceed 50. Both sets of tags are merged. If there are tag conflicts (for example, two tags with the same key but different values), the tags created with the Tags parameter take precedence.

KmsKeyId?: string

Specifies the ID of the Key Management Service (KMS) key to use for encrypting data on Amazon FSx file systems, as follows:

  • Amazon FSx for Lustre PERSISTENT_1 and PERSISTENT_2 deployment types only.

    SCRATCH_1 and SCRATCH_2 types are encrypted using the Amazon FSx service KMS key for your account.

  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

  • Amazon FSx for OpenZFS

  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

If a KmsKeyId isn't specified, the Amazon FSx-managed KMS key for your account is used. For more information, see Encrypt in the Key Management Service API Reference.

SourceBackupId: undefined | string

The ID of the source backup. Specifies the ID of the backup that's being copied.

SourceRegion?: string

The source Amazon Web Services Region of the backup. Specifies the Amazon Web Services Region from which the backup is being copied. The source and destination Regions must be in the same Amazon Web Services partition. If you don't specify a Region, SourceRegion defaults to the Region where the request is sent from (in-Region copy).

Tags?: Tag[]

A list of Tag values, with a maximum of 50 elements.