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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CreateFileCacheLustreConfiguration

The Amazon File Cache configuration for the cache that you are creating.


  • CreateFileCacheLustreConfiguration


DeploymentType: undefined | "CACHE_1"

Specifies the cache deployment type, which must be CACHE_1.

MetadataConfiguration: undefined | FileCacheLustreMetadataConfiguration

The configuration for a Lustre MDT (Metadata Target) storage volume.

PerUnitStorageThroughput: undefined | number

Provisions the amount of read and write throughput for each 1 tebibyte (TiB) of cache storage capacity, in MB/s/TiB. The only supported value is 1000.

WeeklyMaintenanceStartTime?: string

A recurring weekly time, in the format D:HH:MM.

D is the day of the week, for which 1 represents Monday and 7 represents Sunday. For further details, see the ISO-8601 spec as described on Wikipedia.

HH is the zero-padded hour of the day (0-23), and MM is the zero-padded minute of the hour.

For example, 1:05:00 specifies maintenance at 5 AM Monday.