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Interface FileSystem

A description of a specific Amazon FSx file system.


  • FileSystem



Optional AdministrativeActions

AdministrativeActions: AdministrativeAction[]

A list of administrative actions for the file system that are in process or waiting to be processed. Administrative actions describe changes to the Amazon FSx system that you have initiated using the UpdateFileSystem operation.

Optional CreationTime

CreationTime: Date

The time that the file system was created, in seconds (since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z), also known as Unix time.

Optional DNSName

DNSName: undefined | string

The Domain Name System (DNS) name for the file system.

Optional FailureDetails

FailureDetails: FileSystemFailureDetails

A structure providing details of any failures that occurred.

Optional FileSystemId

FileSystemId: undefined | string

The system-generated, unique 17-digit ID of the file system.

Optional FileSystemType

FileSystemType: FileSystemType | string

The type of Amazon FSx file system, which can be LUSTRE, WINDOWS, ONTAP, or OPENZFS.

Optional FileSystemTypeVersion

FileSystemTypeVersion: undefined | string

The Lustre version of the Amazon FSx for Lustre file system, either 2.10 or 2.12.

Optional KmsKeyId

KmsKeyId: undefined | string

The ID of the Key Management Service (KMS) key used to encrypt Amazon FSx file system data. Used as follows with Amazon FSx file system types:

  • Amazon FSx for Lustre PERSISTENT_1 and PERSISTENT_2 deployment types only.

    SCRATCH_1 and SCRATCH_2 types are encrypted using the Amazon FSx service KMS key for your account.

  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

  • Amazon FSx for OpenZFS

  • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Optional Lifecycle

Lifecycle: FileSystemLifecycle | string

The lifecycle status of the file system. The following are the possible values and what they mean:

  • AVAILABLE - The file system is in a healthy state, and is reachable and available for use.

  • CREATING - Amazon FSx is creating the new file system.

  • DELETING - Amazon FSx is deleting an existing file system.

  • FAILED - An existing file system has experienced an unrecoverable failure. When creating a new file system, Amazon FSx was unable to create the file system.

  • MISCONFIGURED - The file system is in a failed but recoverable state.

  • MISCONFIGURED_UNAVAILABLE - (Amazon FSx for Windows File Server only) The file system is currently unavailable due to a change in your Active Directory configuration.

  • UPDATING - The file system is undergoing a customer-initiated update.

Optional LustreConfiguration

LustreConfiguration: LustreFileSystemConfiguration

The configuration for the Amazon FSx for Lustre file system.

Optional NetworkInterfaceIds

NetworkInterfaceIds: string[]

The IDs of the elastic network interfaces from which a specific file system is accessible. The elastic network interface is automatically created in the same virtual private cloud (VPC) that the Amazon FSx file system was created in. For more information, see Elastic Network Interfaces in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

For an Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file system, you can have one network interface ID. For an Amazon FSx for Lustre file system, you can have more than one.

Optional OntapConfiguration

OntapConfiguration: OntapFileSystemConfiguration

The configuration for this Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file system.

Optional OpenZFSConfiguration

OpenZFSConfiguration: OpenZFSFileSystemConfiguration

The configuration for this Amazon FSx for OpenZFS file system.

Optional OwnerId

OwnerId: undefined | string

The Amazon Web Services account that created the file system. If the file system was created by an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, the Amazon Web Services account to which the IAM user belongs is the owner.

Optional ResourceARN

ResourceARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the file system resource.

Optional StorageCapacity

StorageCapacity: undefined | number

The storage capacity of the file system in gibibytes (GiB).

Optional StorageType

StorageType: StorageType | string

The type of storage the file system is using. If set to SSD, the file system uses solid state drive storage. If set to HDD, the file system uses hard disk drive storage.

Optional SubnetIds

SubnetIds: string[]

Specifies the IDs of the subnets that the file system is accessible from. For the Amazon FSx Windows and ONTAP MULTI_AZ_1 file system deployment type, there are two subnet IDs, one for the preferred file server and one for the standby file server. The preferred file server subnet identified in the PreferredSubnetID property. All other file systems have only one subnet ID.

For FSx for Lustre file systems, and Single-AZ Windows file systems, this is the ID of the subnet that contains the file system's endpoint. For MULTI_AZ_1 Windows and ONTAP file systems, the file system endpoint is available in the PreferredSubnetID.

Optional Tags

Tags: Tag[]

The tags to associate with the file system. For more information, see Tagging your Amazon EC2 resources in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

Optional VpcId

VpcId: undefined | string

The ID of the primary virtual private cloud (VPC) for the file system.

Optional WindowsConfiguration

WindowsConfiguration: WindowsFileSystemConfiguration

The configuration for this Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file system.