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Interface LustreLogConfiguration

The configuration for Lustre logging used to write the enabled logging events for your file system to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

When logging is enabled, Lustre logs error and warning events from data repository operations such as automatic export and data repository tasks. To learn more about Lustre logging, see Logging with Amazon CloudWatch Logs.


  • LustreLogConfiguration




Optional Destination

Destination: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that specifies the destination of the logs. The destination can be any Amazon CloudWatch Logs log group ARN. The destination ARN must be in the same Amazon Web Services partition, Amazon Web Services Region, and Amazon Web Services account as your Amazon FSx file system.


Level: LustreAccessAuditLogLevel | string | undefined

The data repository events that are logged by Amazon FSx.

  • WARN_ONLY - only warning events are logged.

  • ERROR_ONLY - only error events are logged.

  • WARN_ERROR - both warning events and error events are logged.

  • DISABLED - logging of data repository events is turned off.