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Interface DescribeJobCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional Action

Action: ActionCode | string

The job type. This value is either ArchiveRetrieval, InventoryRetrieval, or Select.

Optional ArchiveId

ArchiveId: undefined | string

The archive ID requested for a select job or archive retrieval. Otherwise, this field is null.

Optional ArchiveSHA256TreeHash

ArchiveSHA256TreeHash: undefined | string

The SHA256 tree hash of the entire archive for an archive retrieval. For inventory retrieval or select jobs, this field is null.

Optional ArchiveSizeInBytes

ArchiveSizeInBytes: undefined | number

For an archive retrieval job, this value is the size in bytes of the archive being requested for download. For an inventory retrieval or select job, this value is null.

Optional Completed

Completed: undefined | false | true

The job status. When a job is completed, you get the job's output using Get Job Output (GET output).

Optional CompletionDate

CompletionDate: undefined | string

The UTC time that the job request completed. While the job is in progress, the value is null.

Optional CreationDate

CreationDate: undefined | string

The UTC date when the job was created. This value is a string representation of ISO 8601 date format, for example "2012-03-20T17:03:43.221Z".

Optional InventoryRetrievalParameters

InventoryRetrievalParameters: InventoryRetrievalJobDescription

Parameters used for range inventory retrieval.

Optional InventorySizeInBytes

InventorySizeInBytes: undefined | number

For an inventory retrieval job, this value is the size in bytes of the inventory requested for download. For an archive retrieval or select job, this value is null.

Optional JobDescription

JobDescription: undefined | string

The job description provided when initiating the job.

Optional JobId

JobId: undefined | string

An opaque string that identifies an Amazon S3 Glacier job.

Optional JobOutputPath

JobOutputPath: undefined | string

Contains the job output location.

Optional OutputLocation

OutputLocation: OutputLocation

Contains the location where the data from the select job is stored.

Optional RetrievalByteRange

RetrievalByteRange: undefined | string

The retrieved byte range for archive retrieval jobs in the form StartByteValue-EndByteValue. If no range was specified in the archive retrieval, then the whole archive is retrieved. In this case, StartByteValue equals 0 and EndByteValue equals the size of the archive minus 1. For inventory retrieval or select jobs, this field is null.

Optional SHA256TreeHash

SHA256TreeHash: undefined | string

For an archive retrieval job, this value is the checksum of the archive. Otherwise, this value is null.

The SHA256 tree hash value for the requested range of an archive. If the InitiateJob request for an archive specified a tree-hash aligned range, then this field returns a value.

If the whole archive is retrieved, this value is the same as the ArchiveSHA256TreeHash value.

This field is null for the following:

  • Archive retrieval jobs that specify a range that is not tree-hash aligned

  • Archival jobs that specify a range that is equal to the whole archive, when the job status is InProgress

  • Inventory jobs

  • Select jobs

Optional SNSTopic

SNSTopic: undefined | string

An Amazon SNS topic that receives notification.

Optional SelectParameters

SelectParameters: SelectParameters

Contains the parameters used for a select.

Optional StatusCode

StatusCode: StatusCode | string

The status code can be InProgress, Succeeded, or Failed, and indicates the status of the job.

Optional StatusMessage

StatusMessage: undefined | string

A friendly message that describes the job status.

Optional Tier

Tier: undefined | string

The tier to use for a select or an archive retrieval. Valid values are Expedited, Standard, or Bulk. Standard is the default.

Optional VaultARN

VaultARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the vault from which an archive retrieval was requested.