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Interface JobParameters

Provides options for defining a job.


  • JobParameters



Optional ArchiveId

ArchiveId: undefined | string

The ID of the archive that you want to retrieve. This field is required only if Type is set to select or archive-retrievalcode>. An error occurs if you specify this request parameter for an inventory retrieval job request.

Optional Description

Description: undefined | string

The optional description for the job. The description must be less than or equal to 1,024 bytes. The allowable characters are 7-bit ASCII without control codes-specifically, ASCII values 32-126 decimal or 0x20-0x7E hexadecimal.

Optional Format

Format: undefined | string

When initiating a job to retrieve a vault inventory, you can optionally add this parameter to your request to specify the output format. If you are initiating an inventory job and do not specify a Format field, JSON is the default format. Valid values are "CSV" and "JSON".

Optional InventoryRetrievalParameters

InventoryRetrievalParameters: InventoryRetrievalJobInput

Input parameters used for range inventory retrieval.

Optional OutputLocation

OutputLocation: OutputLocation

Contains information about the location where the select job results are stored.

Optional RetrievalByteRange

RetrievalByteRange: undefined | string

The byte range to retrieve for an archive retrieval. in the form "StartByteValue-EndByteValue" If not specified, the whole archive is retrieved. If specified, the byte range must be megabyte (1024*1024) aligned which means that StartByteValue must be divisible by 1 MB and EndByteValue plus 1 must be divisible by 1 MB or be the end of the archive specified as the archive byte size value minus 1. If RetrievalByteRange is not megabyte aligned, this operation returns a 400 response.

An error occurs if you specify this field for an inventory retrieval job request.

Optional SNSTopic

SNSTopic: undefined | string

The Amazon SNS topic ARN to which Amazon S3 Glacier sends a notification when the job is completed and the output is ready for you to download. The specified topic publishes the notification to its subscribers. The SNS topic must exist.

Optional SelectParameters

SelectParameters: SelectParameters

Contains the parameters that define a job.

Optional Tier

Tier: undefined | string

The tier to use for a select or an archive retrieval job. Valid values are Expedited, Standard, or Bulk. Standard is the default.

Optional Type

Type: undefined | string

The job type. You can initiate a job to perform a select query on an archive, retrieve an archive, or get an inventory of a vault. Valid values are "select", "archive-retrieval" and "inventory-retrieval".