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Interface UploadListElement

A list of in-progress multipart uploads for a vault.


  • UploadListElement



Optional ArchiveDescription

ArchiveDescription: undefined | string

The description of the archive that was specified in the Initiate Multipart Upload request.

Optional CreationDate

CreationDate: undefined | string

The UTC time at which the multipart upload was initiated.

Optional MultipartUploadId

MultipartUploadId: undefined | string

The ID of a multipart upload.

Optional PartSizeInBytes

PartSizeInBytes: undefined | number

The part size, in bytes, specified in the Initiate Multipart Upload request. This is the size of all the parts in the upload except the last part, which may be smaller than this size.

Optional VaultARN

VaultARN: undefined | string

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the vault that contains the archive.