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Interface GlobalAcceleratorClientResolvedConfig

The resolved configuration interface of GlobalAcceleratorClient class. This is resolved and normalized from the constructor configuration interface.


  • GlobalAcceleratorClientResolvedConfigType
    • GlobalAcceleratorClientResolvedConfig


credentials: MemoizedProvider<AwsCredentialIdentity>

Resolved value for input config AwsAuthInputConfig.credentials This provider MAY memoize the loaded credentials for certain period. See MemoizedProvider for more information.

customUserAgent?: UserAgent

The custom user agent header that would be appended to default one

defaultSigningName: string
defaultsMode: DefaultsMode | Provider<DefaultsMode>

The @aws-sdk/smithy-client#DefaultsMode that will be used to determine how certain default configuration options are resolved in the SDK.

disableHostPrefix: boolean

Disable dyanamically changing the endpoint of the client based on the hostPrefix trait of an operation.

endpoint?: Object

Custom endpoint provided by the user. This is normalized to a single interface from the various acceptable types. This field will be undefined if a custom endpoint is not provided.

endpointProvider: ((params: EndpointParameters, context?: {
    logger?: Logger;
}) => EndpointV2)

Type declaration

    • (params: EndpointParameters, context?: {
          logger?: Logger;
      }): EndpointV2
    • Parameters

      • params: EndpointParameters
      • Optional context: {
            logger?: Logger;
        • Optional logger?: Logger

      Returns EndpointV2

logger: Logger

Optional logger for logging debug/info/warn/error.

maxAttempts: Provider<number> | number & Provider<number>

Value for how many times a request will be made at most in case of retry.

region: Object

The AWS region to which this client will send requests

requestHandler: RequestHandler<any, any, HttpHandlerOptions> & HttpHandler & RequestHandler<any, any, {}>

The HTTP handler to use. Fetch in browser and Https in Nodejs.

retryMode: string | Provider<string>

Specifies which retry algorithm to use.

retryStrategy: Provider<RetryStrategy | RetryStrategyV2>

Resolved value for input config RetryInputConfig.retryStrategy

signer: ((authScheme?: AuthScheme) => Promise<RequestSigner>)

Type declaration

    • (authScheme?: AuthScheme): Promise<RequestSigner>
    • Resolved value for input config AwsAuthInputConfig.signer


      • Optional authScheme: AuthScheme

      Returns Promise<RequestSigner>

signingEscapePath: boolean

Resolved value for input config AwsAuthInputConfig.signingEscapePath

systemClockOffset: number

Resolved value for input config AwsAuthInputConfig.systemClockOffset

tls: boolean

Whether TLS is enabled for requests.


useDualstackEndpoint: Object

Enables IPv6/IPv4 dualstack endpoint.

useFipsEndpoint: Object

Enables FIPS compatible endpoints.