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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface CreateServiceLinkedRoleCommandInputProtected



AWSServiceName: undefined | string

The service principal for the Amazon Web Services service to which this role is attached. You use a string similar to a URL but without the http:// in front. For example: elasticbeanstalk.amazonaws.com.

Service principals are unique and case-sensitive. To find the exact service principal for your service-linked role, see Amazon Web Services services that work with IAM in the IAM User Guide. Look for the services that have Yes in the Service-Linked Role column. Choose the Yes link to view the service-linked role documentation for that service.

CustomSuffix?: string

A string that you provide, which is combined with the service-provided prefix to form the complete role name. If you make multiple requests for the same service, then you must supply a different CustomSuffix for each request. Otherwise the request fails with a duplicate role name error. For example, you could add -1 or -debug to the suffix.

Some services do not support the CustomSuffix parameter. If you provide an optional suffix and the operation fails, try the operation again without the suffix.

Description?: string

The description of the role.