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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface GetOrganizationsAccessReportCommandInputProtected



JobId: undefined | string

The identifier of the request generated by the GenerateOrganizationsAccessReport operation.

Marker?: string

Use this parameter only when paginating results and only after you receive a response indicating that the results are truncated. Set it to the value of the Marker element in the response that you received to indicate where the next call should start.

MaxItems?: number

Use this only when paginating results to indicate the maximum number of items you want in the response. If additional items exist beyond the maximum you specify, the IsTruncated response element is true.

If you do not include this parameter, the number of items defaults to 100. Note that IAM might return fewer results, even when there are more results available. In that case, the IsTruncated response element returns true, and Marker contains a value to include in the subsequent call that tells the service where to continue from.

SortKey?: string

The key that is used to sort the results. If you choose the namespace key, the results are returned in alphabetical order. If you choose the time key, the results are sorted numerically by the date and time.