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Interface ListAttachedRolePoliciesCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional AttachedPolicies

AttachedPolicies: AttachedPolicy[]

A list of the attached policies.

Optional IsTruncated

IsTruncated: undefined | false | true

A flag that indicates whether there are more items to return. If your results were truncated, you can make a subsequent pagination request using the Marker request parameter to retrieve more items. Note that IAM might return fewer than the MaxItems number of results even when there are more results available. We recommend that you check IsTruncated after every call to ensure that you receive all your results.

Optional Marker

Marker: undefined | string

When IsTruncated is true, this element is present and contains the value to use for the Marker parameter in a subsequent pagination request.