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Interface StartNextPendingJobExecutionCommandInput




Optional statusDetails

statusDetails: Record<string, string>

A collection of name/value pairs that describe the status of the job execution. If not specified, the statusDetails are unchanged.

Optional stepTimeoutInMinutes

stepTimeoutInMinutes: undefined | number

Specifies the amount of time this device has to finish execution of this job. If the job execution status is not set to a terminal state before this timer expires, or before the timer is reset (by calling UpdateJobExecution, setting the status to IN_PROGRESS and specifying a new timeout value in field stepTimeoutInMinutes) the job execution status will be automatically set to TIMED_OUT. Note that setting this timeout has no effect on that job execution timeout which may have been specified when the job was created (CreateJob using field timeoutConfig).


thingName: string | undefined

The name of the thing associated with the device.