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Interface UpdateJobExecutionCommandInput




Optional executionNumber

executionNumber: undefined | number

Optional. A number that identifies a particular job execution on a particular device.

Optional expectedVersion

expectedVersion: undefined | number

Optional. The expected current version of the job execution. Each time you update the job execution, its version is incremented. If the version of the job execution stored in Jobs does not match, the update is rejected with a VersionMismatch error, and an ErrorResponse that contains the current job execution status data is returned. (This makes it unnecessary to perform a separate DescribeJobExecution request in order to obtain the job execution status data.)

Optional includeJobDocument

includeJobDocument: undefined | false | true

Optional. When set to true, the response contains the job document. The default is false.

Optional includeJobExecutionState

includeJobExecutionState: undefined | false | true

Optional. When included and set to true, the response contains the JobExecutionState data. The default is false.


jobId: string | undefined

The unique identifier assigned to this job when it was created.


status: JobExecutionStatus | string | undefined

The new status for the job execution (IN_PROGRESS, FAILED, SUCCESS, or REJECTED). This must be specified on every update.

Optional statusDetails

statusDetails: Record<string, string>

Optional. A collection of name/value pairs that describe the status of the job execution. If not specified, the statusDetails are unchanged.

Optional stepTimeoutInMinutes

stepTimeoutInMinutes: undefined | number

Specifies the amount of time this device has to finish execution of this job. If the job execution status is not set to a terminal state before this timer expires, or before the timer is reset (by again calling UpdateJobExecution, setting the status to IN_PROGRESS and specifying a new timeout value in this field) the job execution status will be automatically set to TIMED_OUT. Note that setting or resetting this timeout has no effect on that job execution timeout which may have been specified when the job was created (CreateJob using field timeoutConfig).


thingName: string | undefined

The name of the thing associated with the device.