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Interface CreateChatTokenCommandInputProtected

The input for CreateChatTokenCommand.



attributes?: Record<string, string>

Application-provided attributes to encode into the token and attach to a chat session. Map keys and values can contain UTF-8 encoded text. The maximum length of this field is 1 KB total.

capabilities?: string[]

Set of capabilities that the user is allowed to perform in the room. Default: None (the capability to view messages is implicitly included in all requests).

roomIdentifier: undefined | string

Identifier of the room that the client is trying to access. Currently this must be an ARN.

sessionDurationInMinutes?: number

Session duration (in minutes), after which the session expires. Default: 60 (1 hour).

userId: undefined | string

Application-provided ID that uniquely identifies the user associated with this token. This can be any UTF-8 encoded text.