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Interface ListResourceTagsCommandOutput





$metadata: ResponseMetadata

Metadata pertaining to this request.

Optional NextMarker

NextMarker: undefined | string

When Truncated is true, this element is present and contains the value to use for the Marker parameter in a subsequent request.

Do not assume or infer any information from this value.

Optional Tags

Tags: Tag[]

A list of tags. Each tag consists of a tag key and a tag value.

Tagging or untagging a KMS key can allow or deny permission to the KMS key. For details, see ABAC for KMS in the Key Management Service Developer Guide.

Optional Truncated

Truncated: undefined | false | true

A flag that indicates whether there are more items in the list. When this value is true, the list in this response is truncated. To get more items, pass the value of the NextMarker element in thisresponse to the Marker parameter in a subsequent request.