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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface ListPermissionsRequest



CatalogId?: string

The identifier for the Data Catalog. By default, the account ID. The Data Catalog is the persistent metadata store. It contains database definitions, table definitions, and other control information to manage your Lake Formation environment.

IncludeRelated?: string

Indicates that related permissions should be included in the results.

MaxResults?: number

The maximum number of results to return.

NextToken?: string

A continuation token, if this is not the first call to retrieve this list.

Principal?: DataLakePrincipal

Specifies a principal to filter the permissions returned.

Resource?: Resource

A resource where you will get a list of the principal permissions.

This operation does not support getting privileges on a table with columns. Instead, call this operation on the table, and the operation returns the table and the table w columns.

ResourceType?: string

Specifies a resource type to filter the permissions returned.