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This API Documentation is now deprecated

We are excited to announce our new API Documentation.

Interface PrincipalResourcePermissions

The permissions granted or revoked on a resource.


  • PrincipalResourcePermissions


AdditionalDetails?: DetailsMap

This attribute can be used to return any additional details of PrincipalResourcePermissions. Currently returns only as a RAM resource share ARN.

LastUpdated?: Date

The date and time when the resource was last updated.

LastUpdatedBy?: string

The user who updated the record.

Permissions?: Permission[]

The permissions to be granted or revoked on the resource.

PermissionsWithGrantOption?: Permission[]

Indicates whether to grant the ability to grant permissions (as a subset of permissions granted).

Principal?: DataLakePrincipal

The Data Lake principal to be granted or revoked permissions.

Resource?: Resource

The resource where permissions are to be granted or revoked.